Saturday, November 7, 2009

HealthCare Reform Proposal-- In less than one page!

If they can't put a straight forward, no bull#@%^, no special interest favors, bill together with 20 pages or less (the Constitution was only 4 handwritten pages), it can only mean one thing--they are trying to hide something that they know the American people would and should object to!

Here's my HealthCare proposal:

1) Allow health insurance to be bought and sold over state lines (this opens up tons of competition). One of the primary Constitutional responsibilities of Government is to ensure Interstate Commerce. By blocking insurance companies from selling over state lines, our Government has broken the Constitution.

2) Allow employers to place the money they would have spent on insurance directly into an account set up for employees to purchase their own insurance (this way we cannot loose our insurance even if we move or change jobs).

3) Apply and Enforce strict penalties on insurance companies that refuse to pay for services or drop patients.

4) Lawyers and Lawsuits:
  • A) TORT Reform and,
  • B) Block lawyers from charging clients by the hour for healthcare related suits (the hourly rate only encourages the lawyers to drag their feet for more money).
5) Medicare/Medicaid:
  • A) Loosen the restrictions of eligibility for Medicare/Medicaid, for those that cannot get private insurance (this should be restricted to legal American Citizens).
  • B)Crack down on Fraud/Waste and Abuse (if the Government cannot get control on the existing programs, why should tax payers trust them to start all over on an even larger scale).
6) Enforce our borders. We cannot keep paying for illegal's when we have legitimate citizens doing without. (Don't get me wrong, I welcome LEGAL immigration, I want people coming here who desperately desire and respect the Freedom and Liberty only found in America; these are the people that embrace our way of life, not seek to change our way of life to fit the life they left behind.)

7) If you don't like the way we do things here, YOU are FREE to LEAVE! Consider this- for every person who illegally crosses our border, there is a deserving immigrant who is denied entry!

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