Monday, November 2, 2009

It's Time to Clean House in Washington

It’s time to clean house in Congress; this means both parties! The corruption and lies are out of control. We have tax cheats and marriage cheats. We have special interest payoffs and closed door, middle of the night meetings. We have groups like ACORN AND SEIU writing stimulus bills with a price tag of nearly 1 Trillion $$ and our Congressmen and Presidents (Bush and Obama) sign them without even reading them.

It’s time we elect people that will truly fight for and uphold our Constitution (as they pledged to do when they took office).

We need a Government that is honestly ready to secure our borders and FIGHT TO WIN our wars. People that haven’t fallen for the bologna that is Global Warming. People who will promote energy independence by opening ANWAR, AND U.S. off shore oil drilling and Nuclear Energy (why is it both parties, are always granting other countries the right to pursue Nuclear energy (including IRAN), but not our own.)

It’s time we find some real Americans to run for office; people who will trust us to live our own lives, make our own life decisions, and aren't always apologizing for our country.

We may not be a perfect country, but we are the most generous country in this world. We are responsible for bringing freedom and liberty to many oppressed countries. We have removed murderous dictators from power and saved millions of lives by doing so!

It's time to stop this "hyphenated America", it is divides our country and encourages racism. We are ALL Americans! I for one refuse to cave to special interest groups or the UN. We are the United States of America not the United Nations of America. We are an INDEPENDENT PEOPLE and an INDEPENDENT NATION! If you don’t like the way we do things here, LEAVE!

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